Logo ideas

I’ve been tinkering around on Inkscape recently to try and improve the Apollinate Space Program logo. I don’t think it’s quite right yet but it is a big improvement on the original. Here’s what I did and how I did it:

The is the original logo I had to work with

apollinate space programme blue

This text is written using the Space Age commercial font. I typed it into Inkscape, then adjusted the letter angles and added in some colour gradients to get the following effect:

Apollinate Space Program Title Logo attempt 2 header

I thought this was good but not quite “spacey” enough, I do like the effect of the yellow down the centre though. Kind of like a glimpse of a local star through the portside window of your spaceship.

After that I added a white outline to the letters and backed it onto a space background from the hubble website. I also put in a kind of yellow blur effect down the middle. Then I added a 1/2 border and filled it with the same colour distrbution as the letters, but slightly offset to the left.

Apollinate Space Program Title Logo attempt 11 header black

I was quite please with this iteration but felt like it was still nothing special. Probably about the level of design you would get on a kids sci-fi toy in the 90’s.

I also had a try with making the letters different shades of grey going from darkest left to lightest on the right. I then copied this gradient onto the background.

Apollinate Space Program Title Logo Greyscale

This was an interesting experiment but not one I think was right for this design. Back to the drawing board.

The current design I’ve settled on has the elements of the previous 2. I have kept the full border from the greyscale, and then added a horizontal blur effect to the colour version.

Apollinate Space Program Title Logo Cross blur

A pretty decent development, I like the effect although I am aware it may just be a cross between the Back to the Future and Starlight Express logo’s. What I am most concerned about is the linearity of the words. It would probably be best if the title had Apollinate as the biggest word and then the other words slightly smaller. The other thing is that all the best logo’s have some kind of subtle reference to their source material. Possibly using negative space (see the FedEx logo for example).

What do you think? Any suggestions or alternatives? Please let us know in the comments section below.

Kind Regards

The Creator


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